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09 April 2018

Organising A Surprise Hen’s Party

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So you've been chosen as the maid of honour and although feeling ecstatic for being the chosen one, you can't help feeling a little anxious. You are now responsible for organising a surprise hens party. Here are some do's and don'ts in organising a hens party.
  1. Do ask the bride for any do's and don't's they have. This will not only make your job a lot easier, but this will also ensure you don't do anything the bride may object to. The last thing you want is to upset the bride for example by hiring a male stripper if she objects to those ideas. If you have something in mind you're not sure of, you can still make it a surprise by suggesting your idea among others and see which ideas she's OK with. Make them all different and she'll won't know which she's getting but I'm sure she'll be somewhat excited of what's to come.
  2. Ask for help. You don't need to organise everything yourself. Delegate certain tasks to other brides maid so they can get involved and you'll get more done. They can help gather quotes and research venue etc then give you a shortlist for you to ultimately make the decision.
  3. Set a budget. Being in charge of organising the hens party does not mean you have to pay for everything. Discuss with all the other brides maid and guests and work out how much each is prepared to contribute to create a budget.
  4. Brainstorm ideas with other bridesmaid on party activities etc.
  5. Create list list of things that needs to be taken care of and by whom. Eg venue, party props, entertainment, travel arrangement, guest list etc.
  6. Make it personal. The bride to be should get the attention she deserves. Make it a fun night but memorable for the bride to be.

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