About Us

Hens Bus Sydney, getting you ladies to your destination in and around Sydney the fun and safe way.

Yes we also cater for mixed groups and corporate bookings.
We help you and your friends enjoy an unforgettable night. Whether it’s a hen’s night or girls night out, we know there may be some wine, champagne or other alcohol involved. We ensure you have peace of mind knowing that your friends won’t be driving.

You and your friends get picked up by one of our party buses that caters for up to 14, 21, 24, 32 and 50 passengers. You’ll be greeted by our fun, professional bus drivers, all authorized by the NSW Ministry of Transport, ensuring that you travel in safety wherever your adventures lead you.

Our party bus is unlike any other party bus, it’s equipped with an iPhone connection, an MP3 and USB slot so that you can play your favourite jams and over 1000 watts of sound delivered through powerful subwoofers. You’ll feel like you’re at a disco with our laser and LED party lights to set the mood.

Our bus will transfer you and your friends to your destination and when your party is over, regardless of the time, you’ll be able to easily spot our bus should you want us to pick you up and take you home.

Hens Bus Sydney is a professional party bus hire company in Sydney that is accredited as a “Public Passenger Vehicle Operator.

Our Services

Wedding / Engagement Party

Hens Bus Sydney will take care of your transportation on your special day.
We’ll ensure you and your guests arrive at your hens party, wedding ceremony or reception on time and safely.
Don’t let your bridal party or special guests ruin your special day by being late.

Concert or Music Festival

Heading to a concert or music festival with a group of friends? Trying to meet up at the event amongst thousands of fans could be a nightmare not to mention trying to beat traffic congestion and find parking. Why not meet up at a friends place and let us get you & your friends to the event hassle free while you enjoy your friends companion. Book your concert transfer and we’ll ensure you all arrive on time and safely.


Got a school formal or a formal dinner coming up? Dressing up can be fun and daunting at the same time. Let us take care of your transport for you and your friends. Hop on to our party bus and start partying on the way. Play your favourite music or dance to the beat. Warm up for your arrival.

Kids night out

We never stop worrying about our kids do we? Especially our teenagers who love to get together with their friends, going to the movies, concerts, music festivals and sporting events. Not to mention, as soon as they turn 18, the pubs and clubs is inevitable.
As parents we know that some times when teenagers get together, they can sometimes be somewhat silly and do careless things such as playing pranks, careless driving or speeding. Often a game of dare and trying to prove themselves to their friends leads to peer pressure and logic thrown out the window.
We’ll ensure their safety to and from so you can have peace of mind.

Sporting Events

Going to a sporting event or the races? Avoid the traffic congestion and hassles of trying to find parking or exiting when everyone else is too. Our buses will express you to your events via the bus lanes so you won’t be sitting in traffic bumper to bumper.


Cruising the harbour with a group of friends? Book our cruise party bus and we’ll transfer you and your friends to your cruise ship.


Going to the races for fun or to place a few bets on your favourite horse? Best of luck and we hope you win. If you and your friends are planning to drink alcohol, don’t gamble your life by driving home while intoxicated. Plan ahead, call us and let us handle your transfer to and from the races. Whether you win or lose at the races at least you’ll arrive home safely.

Corporate Events

Organising a sales conference or team building event for your staff? We cater for all corporate events. Our party buses are equipped with party LED lights, lasers and explosive sound. This provides a great opportunity for staff team building where they can play their favourite songs, sing along and dance to the beat of the music.

Particularly if you’ll be permitting your staff to drink alcohol, be responsive and let us handle the transportation for your corporate events.